Michigan activists respond to immigration injunction

Feb 18, 2015

Immigration advocates in Michigan are decrying a federal judge’s ruling striking down two executive orders protecting millions of immigrants from deportation. Last November, President Obama announced two programs that were set to take effect today.  One would prevent  undocumented parents of children legally living in the U-S from being sent back to their countries of origin. The other extends protections for undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U-S as children.

In Brownsville, Texas, U-S District Court Judge Andrew Hanen ruled those programs violated some administrative requirements, and issued an injunction against them. The ruling could affect some 5-million people in the United States.

Current State speaks with Max Anguiano of the Civil Rights for Immigrants Task Force for the group ACTION of Greater Lansing, and Susan Reed, the managing attorney with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center based in Kalamazoo.