Michigan bees check into “hotels” at MSU’s Bee-Palooza

Jun 4, 2015

A bee hotel in the MSU Horticulture Gardens
Credit April Van Buren/WKAR

If you’re planning your summer vacation, you’re probably going to be booking a hotel or summer cottage soon. And so will some of the winged visitors to the Horticultural Demonstration Gardens here on the MSU campus. But, lucky for them, the bees at MSU’s “bee hotels” won’t be needing reservations.

These structures look a little bit like doll houses or bird houses that have been filled with tubes and holes for the bees to nest in.

Current State’s insect correspondent April Van Buren speaks with Julianna Wilson, an outreach specialist at the MSU Department of Entomology and an organizer of Bee-Palooza, which is an event happening this Sunday in the Horticultural Demonstration Gardens here on campus.