Michigan GOP advisor addresses inter-party tension

Sep 12, 2013

The division between Republicans like Governor Rick Snyder and the GOP’s Tea Party wing, have grown more noticeable recently. Last month, Wes Nakagiri of the Tea Party group 'Retake Our Gov' told WKAR-TV’s Tim Skubick that he supports a challenge to Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley at next year’s GOP convention.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Republicans in Michigan and around the country are locked in an intense debate over the party’s direction and priorities.   


Recently, internal tensions affecting the party encourage state Democrats over their election prospects in 2014.  Last week, the party leaked a memo describing the Michigan GOP as “coming apart at the seams.”  


We thought we’d get the assessment of a longtime Lansing-based Republican consultant.  Steven Linder is the president of the Sterling Corporation.  Sterling currently works on strategy for Michigan’s Senate Republican Caucus.