Michigan GOP Awards At-Large Delegates to Romney

Mar 2, 2012

There’s a fight brewing over one Michigan delegate to the Republican National Convention this summer. The state Republican Party has awarded both of Michigan’s at-large delegates to Mitt Romney – despite the fact that Rick Santorum was a close runner-up in the popular vote.

Former state Attorney General Mike Cox sits on the Michigan Republican credentials committee and he supports Mitt Romney. But he says this decision was unfair, and the G-O-P should stick to the rules as they were the night of the state’s presidential primary.

“It does kind of resound of third world countries,” Cox says.

A spokesman for Rick Santorum’s campaign says the decision calls into question the –quote – “legitimacy” of Michigan’s GOP leadership. Santorum says the statewide vote was close enough that he and Romney should each get a Michigan at-large delegate. Romney and Santorum evenly split Michigan’s congressional districts and the delegates that go with them.

The state Republican Party says there was no rules change. It was always intended the winner of the popular vote – no matter the margin – would get both at-large delegates.