Michigan Kids Might Get New Option To Clean Their Criminal Records

Oct 25, 2017

Kids in Michigan who’ve gotten in trouble with the law would have another way to get their records cleared. Michigan Public Radio’s Cheyna Roth reports on a bill passed by the state House Wednesday.

Juveniles aren’t “convicted” in the traditional sense. Instead, they’re found responsible and go through an adjudication. But their crimes can stay on their legal record.

The new bill would let kids who meet certain requirements get their crime off their record by going to the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy.

Republican Representative John Bizon is a bill sponsor.

“We want to give these guys and girls a fresh start in life when their initial rollout has been a little bit rocky.” Says Bizon.

The kids would go to the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy. It’s a 17 and a half month, two-phase program. The Academy is managed by the Michigan National Guard.