Michigan Natives Encourage Students To Consider HBCU's

Feb 18, 2018

Monday at 9:00 p.m., a documentary about Historically Black Colleges & Universities debuts on WKAR TV 23. Two Michigan natives who attended HBCU's said their experiences at the schools was extraordinary. 

In May of 1907, Myrtle Craig became the first African-American to graduate from Michigan State University. But many colleges around the US did not admit blacks until 1960’s. 

That’s part of the reason why dozens of Historically Black Colleges and Universities were formed.

On Monday, February 19 at 9:00 p.m., WKAR TV 23 will broadcast “Tell Them We Are Rising, The Story of Black Colleges and Universities." With many African-Americans denied entrance to higher education in much of the country after the civil war, this documentary shows the training of black teachers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals at black colleges from reconstruction until now.

Detroit native Nikki Taylor attended Grambling University in Louisiana. Ayo Thomas attended Fisk University in Nashville. Both talked with WKAR's Reginald Hardwick about their experiences of attending HBCU's.