Michigan Rising Hangs Up Snyder Recall Effort

Jun 7, 2012

The group trying to recall Governor Rick Snyder says it’s giving up.

Michigan Rising released a statement Thursday saying the failed effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker shows how hard it is to remove a governor mid-term.

It’s actually tougher in Michigan to get a recall question on the ballot than it is in Wisconsin. Michigan Rising had already failed once before to gather enough signatures to prompt a recall question. The group says it’s not hitting the benchmarks it needs to succeed in this petition drive.

Governor Snyder has said he’s not been focused on efforts to remove him, but did have short, happy answer when he was asked about the recall campaign hanging it up. 

“Well that’s nice,” he responds.

Leaders of Michigan Rising say they will now turn their attention to creating a liberal research group to counter the influence of conservative think tanks.