Michigan stakeholders rely on non-partisan ‘Tax Outline’

Apr 16, 2014

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan recently released its Michigan Tax Outline, a report that summarizes tax data.
Credit Flickr - Ken Teegardin

There are 59 different taxes yielding nearly $40 billion in public revenue. That is a snapshot of current Michigan tax levies contained in a comprehensive new report. The money is used to pay for police and fire protection, Medicaid coverage, state employee salaries, schools, roads and lots more.

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan compiles its Michigan Tax Outline every year or two. The document is a summary of all existing state taxes and major local taxes and all kinds of related data like how many dollars each tax generated, along with a review of recent tax changes.

The non-partisan group chose ‘Tax Day’ April 15 to release this year’s outline.

Bob Schneider, Director of State Affairs for the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, says that the outline is their most popular report and it is very broadly used by multiple people and organizations, including public policy researchers, students, those in local and state government.