Michigan State of the State 2017

Jan 17, 2017

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's seventh State of the State Address. WATCH IT NOW

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder delivers his seventh State of the State Address. House Democratic leader Sam Singh responds. Senior Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick provides analysis and commentary along with studio guests Frank Beckmann, Chad Livengood, Jack Spencer and Bill Ballenger.

In his most upbeat State of the State yet, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder spent most of his speech recounting the successes he and the legislature have compiled in the last six years, while Democrats disagreed with the direction the governor is taking.

The 55-minute address was short on details relating to repairing the state's sagging and aging infrastructure.  He did concede that "fees, taxes and bonds" would be needed to get the job done but he left out specifics on how much each would cost. 

In his most poignant line of the night, he talked about the possibility that the new incoming Trump administration will wipe out Obamacare and the Michigan spinoff program known as Healthy Michigan. The governor wants to preserve the first-time health care coverage for 613,000 citizens but warns, "We can hope for the best, but we can't count on it."