Mid-MI Leadership Academy liaison seeks city council slot

Apr 23, 2017

Education is a top priority for Elvin Caldwell, community liaison at the Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy in Lansing. He thinks his experience would serve the people of Lansing’s fourth ward well as a member of the city council.

"In that capacity, I've been able to align the school with different resources from different organizations, and also private companies," Caldwell states. "I've been able to educate young people, educate our team, and also educate our community as to expectations in education."

Caldwell says his position has included organizing around early education, student engagement and youth development. "The agenda that I push," he continues, "is an agenda for the people. We've spoken with more than 100 residents of the fourth ward as well as residents in Lansing at large. The main components of what folks are needing in the fourth ward and in Lansing (are) education, economic development, neighborhoods, and continuing those programs that we're doing in the community that encourage community policing and building relationships amongst neighbors."

The fourth ward seat is being vacated by Jessica Yorko. Caldwell expresses respect for Yorko and says he thinks she has done the best job that she could do, given what she had when she took office.