Moore Speaks From Within, Shares How Compassion Can Help Guide Us Through Life

Jun 30, 2017

On the latest edition of the S.W.A.P. Meet with James Moore, the former Spartan speaks from the heart yet again in reliving a tale of a time life dealt him a terribly unfortunate hand. 

Whoever said "life is short," is full of it. Life is a long twisting journey that has the ability to hand us grievance after grievance. Some of this can be caused by our own actions, but what happens when life hands us something that we have no control over? How do we handle such tragic events? Moore has the answer, and it's an answer that comes from the his own experiences. Moore was involved in a car accident, to no fault of his own, that took the young life of Zeke Stepaniak. Moore tells the uplifting story of how he and the Stepaniak invested in the power of love to try to make light of a dark situation.