More college grads postponing first job to volunteer abroad

Sep 22, 2014

Spartans Without Borders is running a project in Mérida, México.

This is usually the time of year where recent college graduates are beginning to settle into their first job after graduation. For many, if they’re lucky, the job is a stepping stone or an entry into a lifelong career. But more recent graduates are now taking a gap year after they graduate college and are getting involved with international volunteer opportunities, a practice also referred to as “voluntourism.”

To learn more about why so many college graduates are seeking international volunteer options instead of going straight into the workforce, Current State speaks with Professor Dale Elshoff, who’s the director of Spartans Without Borders, an MSU organization that offers international volunteering for alumni. Also joining the conversation was Ashleigh Burgess, an MSU graduate who joined the Peace Corps after she graduated.