MSU Choral Union conductor on chant-inspired Requiem

Apr 7, 2016

When it comes to music, there is something to be said about perfectionism. Maurice Duruflé was a composer whose severe self-criticism allowed him to only publish 14 works during his lifetime. David Rayl with the MSU College of Music talks about preparing for one of these intricate masterpieces for a performance coming up this weekend: the Duruflé Requiem.

Plymouth Congregational Church in Lansing will be the venue for Saturday's performance of the "Durufle Requiem."
Credit Wikimedia/Kennethaw88

The MSU College of Music travels off-campus this Saturday for a concert at the Plymouth Congregational Church in Lansing.  The venue was chosen because the musicians need one particular instrument for this concert: the organ.

Current State’s Jamie Paisley speaks with conductor David Rayl about this special “combined” performance.