MSU Construction Projects Update from Deputy MSU Athletic Director Greg Ianni

Jun 20, 2017

Greg Ianni is MSU’s deputy athletic director and oversees facilities and sports management. He joins Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Athletic Director Mark Hollis to update progress on some of the construction projects currently underway on campus.

“The north and south end zone projects are a byproduct of an audit Homeland Security produced for us about five years ago,” Ianni says. “We’re adding restrooms and expanding the gates on the south end now to provide a more comfortable environment for people to get in and out of the stadium securely and safely.”

Ianni says the Hall of History will “really become a front door for the Breslin Center. We’re doing something there that’s never been done nationally with the technology we’re using.

“When you do fixed-exhibit kinds of things, they’re expensive. And when you see them once, you’re done. So we took it a different direction, and it’s mostly all LED technology. The beauty of it is we can tailor that space for whatever’s going on in the building. We can change the content. So every time people come into that space they’ll see something different.”

Breslin is getting locker room updates, too, and Ianni says “we’ve brought the building out to the site” to give visitors places to gather outside Breslin Center.

1855 Place across Harrison Road from Breslin Center is the latest addition to Michigan State University's campus. It’s named for the year of MSU's founding. It will offer 420 units for apartment-style housing for students. And the largest building in 1855 Place is a four-story, 102,000-square-foot, mixed-use building that will be home for staff from Residential Hospitality Services and the MSU Athletics Department.

Ianni also talks about his role in MSU’s Healthy Campus Initiative, designed to promote recreation and fitness on campus without creating or promising updated facilities. And he and Hollis talk about the vision behind Spartan Athletics’ master plan.

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