MSU “Feels The Bern”

Mar 3, 2016

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders brought his presidential campaign to the MSU campus. Current State's Kevin Lavery was there. We also talk with Matt Grossmann of the MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research about the campaigns, the debates and where the process may be headed.

We’re less than a week away from the Michigan presidential primary next Tuesday. A number of candidates are making last minute trips to secure votes in the Great Lakes State.

Yesterday, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders visited East Lansing for a spirited rally at Michigan State University. Current State’s Kevin Lavery was there, and has a report.

Meanwhile, the Democratic and Republican front runners prevailed on Super Tuesday. What does that mean as the remaining presidential candidates prepare for Tuesday’s Michigan primary, and how might the candidates’ recent fortunes impact their approaching Michigan debates? Mark Bashore talks with Michigan State University political science professor Matt Grossmann. He's also director of the MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research.