MSU freshmen get insights into sexual violence

Sep 2, 2014

SARV peer educators at MSU

Momentum toward addressing issues of sexual violence on college campuses has strengthened considerably in the last year. Back in April, a White House task force released a comprehensive report to address sexual assault on our nation’s college campuses. Reports of sexual assault are on the rise at many colleges and universities, and there’s a list of more than 50 universities that are under federal investigation for their handling of sexual assaults on their campuses, a list that includes both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

One of the major ways to address sexual violence on campus is through outreach and education. As we enter a new school year, we thought we’d bring in some folks who work here at MSU to bring awareness to issues around sexual violence. The Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program, also known as SARV, helps educate new and first-year students at MSU.

Current State speaks with Kelly  Schweda, the Program Coordinator for SARV, Phil Mannilla, a graduate assistant with the program, and Mara Abramson, a peer educator and MSU senior.