MSU Gets AT&T Wireless Upgrade

Oct 17, 2017

Michigan State University received some upgrades to its wireless network over the summer.

AT&T added four new antenna locations to the campus’s Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, which were Brody Hall, the Breslin Center, the Music Practice Building and the Veterinary Medicine Building.

These are in addition to the antenna locations already around campus, and at Spartan Stadium.

Fred Ogline is the director of planning and engineering for AT&T’s wireless network in Michigan.

“The one in the stadium is the equivalent of about 28 cell sites, and the DAS that’s across campus is the equivalent of about 30 cell sites so it provides enough capacity to support a town roughly the size of Battle Creek” he says.

Ogline says the upgrades will allow for more connectivity in more places and a greater capacity to get faster data speeds.