MSU study: climate change skeptics winning war of public opinion

Dec 8, 2015

Global leaders are gathering in Paris this month to try and reach an agreement on curbing climate change. But a new study from MSU suggests those urging action on the issue in the U.S. may have a hard time convincing skeptics. We talk to MSU sociologist Aaron McCright about why climate change skeptics may be winning the war of public opinion.

Aaron McCright
Credit Courtesy photo / MSU Department of Sociology

Eyes are on Paris this month as leaders from across the globe gather to try and agree on a plan for combatting climate change. Environmentalists are calling for swift and bold action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But a new study from Michigan State University researchers suggests that climate change skeptics are doing a better job of getting their message across.

Current State talks with Aaron McCright, an environmental sociologist at MSU. His study looked at how people’s opinions are shaped by different messages on climate change.