MSU study: MI Latinos fare poorly in education

Aug 13, 2015

Michigan’s Latino population has grown more than 40-percent in the last 15 years. A new Michigan State University report studies socioeconomic factors affecting the well-being of various Latino communities. Current State talks with Dr. Rubén Martinez, director of the Julian Samora Research Institute, about their findings.

Latinos are the second-fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. In Michigan, most are from Mexico, but a sizeable number come from across Central and South America. The steady influx of Latino immigrants to the U.S. creates a myriad of challenges for lawmakers, employers, and Latino families.

A new Michigan State University study looks at the general well-being of Latinos in southeast Michigan. The report addresses a number of factors, including education, employment, health and immigration policy. The study was led by the Julian Samora Research Institute at MSU.

Current State speaks institute director Dr. Rubén Martinez about the findings, particularly the issues surrounding education.