MSU studying ways to keep astronauts fit in deep space

Jun 7, 2013

While astronauts are receiving fitness training for their space mission, Dr. Feltz's research focuses on how to motivate them to exercise through the long journey of space exploration.
Credit Courtesy of NASA

In the coming decades, if NASA has its way, the long, harrowing trip to Mars will be more than just a bad Hollywood movie directed by the likes of Michael Bay.

The space agency has said it plans to send astronauts to the Red Planet by the early 2030's.  While 20 years is a long way off, NASA has already begun the planning and research, and MSU scientists are part of these early stages.

One of them is Deborah Feltz, a University Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology. Her team recently received a $1.2 million grant to develop a fitness program for the mission, so that when the first astronauts arrive on Mars after the long trip from Earth, they still have the strength to take that one small step for man.