MSU Trump supporters respond to backlash

Nov 21, 2016

Many college students, including a number at Michigan State, have voiced alarm over the election of Donald Trump. It can be easy to overlook that Trump supporters are part of the campus community as well. We talk with two of them.

In the nearly two weeks since the presidential election, many students at Michigan State University and other young people have voiced alarm about the incoming Trump administration. College students in particular have been outspoken about Trump’s election, especially about his fiery campaign rhetoric that threatened to ban Muslims and build a wall at the border with Mexico.

Here in East Lansing, a “love not hate” demonstration back on November 10th attracted hundreds of people, shutting down the intersection of Grand River and Abbot Road. Another large group attempted to take over a campus building.

Still, there are Trump supporters on the MSU campus who look forward to the next four years.

Current State talks with the Chair of the MSU College Republicans, Jeff Litten, and assistant professor Joseph Guzman from MSU’s School of Human Resources and Labor Relations. He served as statewide co-chair for Mr. Trump’s Michigan campaign and on Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Committee.