MSU Trustee Plan: 'New Day MSU'

May 8, 2018

Michigan State University Trustee Brian Mosallam has issued what he calls a “proposal for drastic voluntary remediation” related to MSU’s response to sexual assaults and the needs of survivors.

Mosallam calls his plan “New Day MSU.” In the document, he says the university must immediately begin an independent internal review of the Larry Nassar matter. He says nobody has ever presented to the board who’s accountable.

“We didn’t understand where we failed, what went wrong, from policies and procedures to who was accountable, to putting Nassar back in clinic,” Mosallam says. “I have a myriad of questions that have not been answered.”

Mosallam also calls for the creation of an independent sexual misconduct advisory committee and the hiring of a chief compliance, ethics and culture officer. He says MSU should no longer stand in a defensive posture and instead should embrace an obligation to apologize and offer justice.