MSU Trustees Approve Budget, Tuition Rates Rise

Jun 22, 2012

Michigan State University officials have approved a 2012-2013 budget that includes a 3.5% increase in undergraduate, in-state tuition rates.  Out-of-state students will pay 5% more.

The spending plan totals $1.27 billion.

More details will follow.



    Michigan State University will increase tuition for in-state undergraduates by three-and-a-half percent in the fall.
    A resident undergrad will pay $14 more per credit hour in the next academic year. That will raise the bill for a student carrying a full load of classes by $210 per semester.
    Trustee Diann Woodard voted against the increase. She says she has a problem with continuing to push costs onto students.
    "It's time that we worked just a little bit harder, investigate just a little bit stronger," Woodard says, "and see where it is that we can make a difference, and not keep giving it to children."
    Trustee Melanie Foster points out that Woodard had not attended this week's board retreat sessions on the budget, saying    "She wasn't privy to the background that the rest of us received over the past two days."
    MSU is also increasing spending for financial aid, by 6.5%.