MSU Trustees Unanimously Approve Controverisal Energy Transition Plan

Apr 13, 2012

Michigan State University Trustees have approved a controversial Energy Transition Plan.


MSU President Lou Anna Simon says the goal is for 100% of the university’s energy to come from renewable sources.


Several dozen students at today’s trustees meeting argued that the plan doesn’t move fast enough. After the unanimous vote, they launched a chant while the board continued its meeting.




Talia Tavor of the student group Beyond Coal was disappointed, but she’s looking forward to have a student-led clean energy group work on a clean energy plan in the future.“President Simon has endorsed this group,” Tavor says. “We’re really excited about that, and we’re going to have the completed plan by this time next year.”


Trustee Dianne Byrum calls the plan “a living document” that aims to increase the percentage of renewable energy sources on campus.


 “25% by 2025 is our first goal,” Byrum states. “It is achievable with current technology, but it’s going to take a focus and a discipline on the part of the university. We’re at about 2% right now.”


At a rally outside the administration building, Natalie Davenport of Greenpeace at MSU pressed for faster action.


 “Us and people all across the country are pressuring the administration to come up with a new plan,” Davenport says, “and get us to a timeline that gets us off of coal.”


The Energy Transition Plan will undergo periodic review.