Nassar Due Back In Court Wednesday

Nov 28, 2017

Larry Nassar will be back in court Wednesday, this time in Eaton County. It’s expected that he’ll plead guilty to more charges of criminal sexual conduct while treating athletes at MSU and elsewhere.

Last week, Nassar appeared before Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aqualina to formalize a plea bargain that could reduce the amount of prison time he might face. The former MSU sports doctor entered guilty pleas in seven felonies for first degree criminal sexual conduct. In some of those cases, the victims were younger than 13 and had been abused under the guise of medical treatment.

The deal includes a recommendation of 25 to 45 years in prison as opposed to a possible life sentence. He’ll be sentenced in January, though the judge is not required to adhere to those terms.

It could be more of the same in a Charlotte courtroom on Wednesday. He faces a total of 13 charges of first and third degree CSC in Eaton County.

Nassar is also facing sentencing in federal court in Grand Rapids next week on guilty pleas related to the possession of thousands of images of child pornography.