Nassar Survivor Accepts Meridian Township Apology

Feb 1, 2018

One of the survivors of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse has accepted the apology of Meridian Township officials over the handling of her 2004 complaint against the former sports medicine physician. Brianne Randall-Gay pursued a criminal complaint against Nassar with Meridian Township police in 2004, but the department decided not to pursue charges after Nassar convinced them that he had conducted a legitimate medical procedure.

When Randall-Gay decided to travel from her current home in Washington State to speak at Nassar’s Ingham County sentencing, township officials paid for her plane ticket and began working with her on how to better handle such cases in the future.

The township and Randall-Gay met with reporters on Thursday to discuss those plans. "They offered their sincerest apology and were open to answer any and all questions we had," she explains. "They discussed specific actions that they would be taking as a department to ensure this never happens again."

Randall-Gay says the process has been therapeutic for her, helping her let go of her anger.

Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh says Randall-Gay has agreed to return to help police Chief David Hall produce training videos aimed at improving the handling of criminal sexual conduct complaints. "I'm expecting Chief Hall to follow through on the initiatives in 2018, and I know he will," Walsh states. "We're going to work closely with you, Brianne, and we're going to do some great things in this community."

Another day of survivor impact statements is scheduled for Friday in Eaton County.