Nassar's Eaton County Sentencing Continues Friday

Feb 1, 2018

Judge Janice Cunningham of Eaton County’s Circuit Court will hear more statements from victims of Larry Nassar on Friday.

On Wednesday, she heard from 29 victims in person, by video, and through written statements read aloud. Some of the women, like Katherine Ebert, had strong words for Michigan State University.

“I feel that the administration of my school is in the hands of uneducated sociopaths that feel no remorse and have absolutely no regard for the health and safety of the student body.  I do not support them. Talk is cheap, but my tuition isn’t. And I’m tired of your apologies.”

Originally about a dozen victims were expected to make statements in Eaton County for what will be Nassar’s third sentencing. But that number is now up 65 and is subject to change. Judge Cunningham says sentencing will likely happen Tuesday.