A New Book for Radio Reader

Aug 13, 2012

Dick Estell begins reading Anatomy of Injustice by Raymond Bonner, on August 17. He will conclude The Great Northern Express by Howard Frank Mosher, on August 16. The Radio Reader is heard weekdays at 8:30 a.m., on AM/870.

On August 17, Anatomy of Injustice by Raymond Bonner begins. It is a lucid, page-turning account of the trials and death row appeals of Edward Lee Elmore, a quiet and mentally challenged African-American man accused of the murder of an elderly white woman in South Carolina in 1982.

It equally tells of the remarkably dedicated legal team that fought for him to have fair representation in court after three separate and grossly mismanaged jury trials. Kirkus Reviews said the book is a “powerfully intimate look at how the justice system works—or doesn’t work—in capital cases.