New IPPSR podcast examines recent primary election results, previews November election

Aug 24, 2018

“I think the biggest takeaway from the recent Michigan primary election is that most of the polling was correct,” says MSU economist Charles Ballard, who runs the State of the State surveys. “The November election is shaping up to be what we thought it was going to look like several months ago.”

This State of the State podcast is a monthly round up of policy and research for the state of Michigan produced by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University. On this episode, Ballard is joined by Arnold Weinfield, interim director of IPPSR, and Eric Scorsone, who directs MSU’s Center for Local Government Finance and Policy.

The trio discusses the potential pink wave in the coming election and the importance of party unity on both sides of the aisle.

They talk about the proposals that will be on the November ballot. The most well-known involve the legalization of recreational marijuana and the end to partisan gerrymandering.

“The recreational marijuana and anti-gerrymandering proposals have great grass roots support,” says Weinfled.

They also talk about proposals that could impact the minimum wage, sick time, and Promote the Vote.

Scorsone joins the conversation to discuss Michigan’s economy and his work to help insulate local governments from downturns.

And the group talks about issues that will face the new governor, like infrastructure and road funding, projects that will cost money.

“It’s going to be a challenge for the next governor with 60 to 70 new legislators coming in due to term limits to move forward on some of these critical issues so that the state itself is even better prepared for the next downturn,” says Weinfeld.

“The next governor faces some really big challenges on the budget side, even in a good economy,” adds Scorsone.

“No money is free,” quips Weinfeld. “And yet people want services for free.”

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