In New School Year, MSU Expands Engineering 'CoRe' Program

Sep 4, 2012

Tens of thousands of Michigan State University students are a few days into the new academic year.  

At the university's engineering school, administrators contend with one of MSU's highest transfer and dropout rates.  But they're hoping a program that combines class work with non-curricular activities will help more students stick with the major.

Pat Walton--who oversees the effort dubbed the "CoRe" program--says students can participate in informal activities like team project challenges and casino nights that involve engineering.

"When they're at home in their residence hall, we have ways of giving them opportunities to explore more of their interest in engineering science as well as doing things that connect them to each other and to the college," he explains.

The school has placed about 600 students in Wilson Hall this year.  Core is also launching an expanded tutoring and conference center in nearby Wonders Hall.