Newly married gay couple from Lansing faces legal limbo with confidence

Mar 27, 2014

Greg McNeilly says that marriage is "too clumsy an entity to regulate the heart."
Credit Flickr - guccio

The lives of a Lansing couple took a profound and very public turn last weekend. After more than 12 years in a serious relationship, attorney Douglas Meeks and investment executive Greg McNeilly became one of Michigan’s first same sex couples to be legally married.

The union became possible after last Friday’s reversal of the state’s 2004 ban on same sex marriage.

Many people have viewed an on-line video of the couple’s vows, which took place at the Ingham County Courthouse.

Current State spoke with Douglas Meeks and his new spouse, Greg MacNeilly. Meeks says other couples now forced to wait to marry, some with families, may wait up to two more years for the case to make its way through the Supreme Court.