NPR defector finds niche as podcaster

Aug 11, 2014

Former NPR sports reporter Mike Pesca left the network to seek out a new avenue in podcasting with
Credit Mike Pesca/twitter

NPR is a top-level platform for any radio reporter. But for some, leaving NPR has led to projects in the online world of podcasting.

One of those reporters who left NPR to launch a podcast is Mike Pesca. He’s hosting a daily show for the Slate website. It’s called “The Gist."  The show typically includes one or two interviews on subjects in
the news and topics that interest Pesca, and then Mike wraps up each episode with a monologue he calls “The Spiel."

Listeners from his NPR days will remember his work for being both literate and smart-alecky. “The Gist” gives him a five-days-a-week platform where
those qualities have blossomed.

Current State’s Scott Pohl recently spoke with Mike Pesca about leaving NPR behind for the world of podcasting.