Officials struggle with troubled Lansing housing complex

Jul 25, 2016

Public officials are working with the residents of Lansing’s South Washington Park Apartments, trying to improve living conditions there. We learn more about the challenges from two members of the Lansing Housing Commission, Patricia Baines-Lake and Tony Baltimore.

Officials are meeting with difficulty as they try to improve security and conditions at a federally subsidized housing complex in Lansing. South Washington Park Apartments is a multi-story, HUD-funded apartment building for low income people at 3200 South Washington. Problems there, including bedbugs, unsanitary conditions and violence have grown in recent months.

Last Tuesday, South Washington Park residents organized a meeting, which turned chaotic,  to discuss the building’s challenges.

Current State talks with Patricia Baines-Lake, executive director of the Lansing Housing Commission, and the president of the housing commission's board, Tony Baltimore.