Okemos fourth graders lobby for state amphibian

May 22, 2014

Northern Spring Peeper
Credit paherps.com, Bob Hamilton

Some elementary students in Okemos are wrapping up their school year with a crash course in political lobbying.

Four students at the Okemos Public Montessori at Central Elementary have written to state representative Sam Singh asking him to sponsor a bill designating the Northern Spring Peeper as Michigan’s state amphibian.

There are actually three bills circulating in the Michigan House right now, each for a different species of frog. The northern spring peeper is the choice here in mid-Michigan. However, last year state representative Pat Somerville introduced a bill supporting the eastern gray tree frog, and state rep Matt Lori is backing the Blanchard’s cricket frog.

Current State's Kevin Lavery paid a visit to Central Elementary to find out how the Okemos students got involved. Fourth grade teacher Christine Batora, who goes by “Mrs. Christine,” says she was giving a lesson on our state symbols when the kids were chagrined to learn that Michigan lacks a state amphibian.