Old Town welcomes noted glass artist

Feb 12, 2014

Craig Mitchell Smith at Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virginia during his 2012 show. Craig is in the process of installing "The Hydrangea" floral sculpture.
Credit Courtesy of Craig Mitchell Smith and Sheri Ten Ecyk.

Lansing’s Old Town has become a haven for the city’s artistic community over the years. This week, the Old Town arts and business communities welcome a big catch. One of the area’s most prominent artists, Craig Mitchell Smith, has moved his glass works gallery from a prime spot in the Meridian Mall in Okemos to a new spot in Old Town Lansing.

Craig Mitchell Smith says his business has changed in the last few years, giving him the flexibility to work on the shows wherever he'd like to. 

Louise Gradwohl, executive director of the Old Town Commercial Association, says Smith has a lot to bring to Old Town, and that it's exciting to have business owners who are passionate in the community.