Oldest Great Lakes commercial shipwreck found in Lake Ontario

Aug 22, 2016

Great Lakes explorers recently discovered the wreckage of a ship thought to have been the first commercial sailing ship on the Great Lakes. The Lady Washington went down in 1803 and rests on the bottom of Lake Ontario near Oswego, New York. We talk with Jim Kennard from the team who made the discovery, and Christopher Gillcrist of the National Museum of the Great Lakes.

There’s something fascinating about a shipwreck. When one is discovered it’s like a window into the past, made all the more exciting by the fact that it’s been hidden in deep waters for so long.

The latest shipwreck discovered in the Great Lakes was just announced a few days ago, found off the coast of Oswego, New York in water about 500 feet deep. Known as the Lady Washington, it’s believed to be the oldest commercial vessel ever found on the Great Lakes.

Current State talks with Jim Kennard, who led the discovery team that found the shipwreck, and the executive director of the National Museum of the Great Lakes, Chris Gillcrist.