Our Viewers and Listeners at WKAR Support Businesses Who Support Us

Sep 23, 2014

As Corporate Development Director at WKAR, part of my role is to reach out to businesses in the mid-Michigan community and try to sway  marketing or corporate support dollars to underwriting messages on one of our great stations. One of my main back-pocket selling tools is that our viewers and listeners at WKAR want to support businesses who support us. Well, this email just came across my desk and I thought I would share it with all of you as this statement has never rung more true than today.

Hi The other day (Thursday or Wednesday), I heard one of the underwriters, or day sponsors, was a printer who does bumper stickers. I am looking for someone, preferable local, to print stickers for us, and if that company supports WKAR that would be great. I meant to write it down immediately, but, was on the road.

Thank you,--
Denise Paquette
Allen Neighborhood Center|Health & Housing Outreach Director

It was a pleasure to help you, Denise, and the business that she is referring to is the locally owned and operated  Image Builders Unlimited in East Lansing, MI. In short, underwriting on WKAR is marketing plus philanthropy.  Consider using 90.5 FM or TV-23 to help market your business and gain trusted brand awareness from our loyal audiences.