Peppermint Creek’s feminine spin on “Lord of the Flies”

Aug 24, 2016

Lansing’s Peppermint Creek Theatre Company is staging a unique production of “Lord of the Flies,” the story of abandoned boys who turn on each other when stranded by a plane crash. The cast is all female. We talk about what that means to the William Golding classic.

Just about everyone has been assigned to read William Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies” at some point during their school days. A group of British schoolboys is stranded on an island when their plane crashes during wartime. Left on their own, the boys create their own version of civilization which, of course, descends into chaos and violence.

But what if “Lord of the Flies” was the story of a group of girls, not boys? That question is being explored this week and next by Lansing’s Peppermint Creek Theatre Company. They’re staging a production of “Lord of the Flies” with an all-female cast.

Current State talks with stage manager Anna Szabo and Meghan Malusek, the actress playing Jack in this production.