Petition Drive Seeks To Raise Minimum Wage To $12

Aug 3, 2017

A new petition drive will try to boost Michigan’s minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour.

A separate but related drive would require employers to give hourly workers paid time off for family and sick leave. The petition forms were submitted to state elections officials this week.

Danielle Atkinson is an organizer of the paid sick leave drive. She says the groups are aiming for the 2018 ballot.

“Right now, we’re just laying the groundwork to ensure we have the resources to win for working families, so we are really excited about talking about these issues,” says Atkinson.

The earned sick leave drive failed to get on the 2016 ballot. A bill to increase the state minimum wage was adopted in 2014. The hourly rate will increase to $9.25 next year.

Both petition drives need to collect more than 250 thousand signatures.