Picking a nominee: the shifting sands of the MI presidential primary

Mar 8, 2016

Today's primary elections in Michigan are closed, with Republicans voting for Republicans and Democrats voting for Democrats. It hasn't always been that way. We talk with Bill Ballenger of The Ballenger Report about Michigan's role in the presidential nominating process over the years.

Bill Ballenger of The Ballenger Report
Credit WKAR

It’s primary election day in Michigan, with polling places around the state open until 8 p.m. To mark the occasion, we look at how Michigan has weighed in on presidential nominees in the past.

It hasn’t always been done the way it will be done today, with primary elections for the Republican and Democratic parties. There have been open primaries and caucuses here in days gone by, too.

Guest host Kyle Melinn takes a look back at presidential nominee selections in Michigan over the years with Bill Ballenger of The Ballenger Report.