Plumbers Union Safety Director Aims For Ward 2 Council Seat

Jul 16, 2017

An 18-year plumber in Lansing hopes that union support will help him win the second ward city council seat this year. Jeremy Garza is a safety director with the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union who serves on Lansing’s Plumbing Board.

Garza says that his job shows he has the leadership skills needed on the council. "We have a large union," he explains. "It's Lansing, Jackson, and Battle Creek. I'm not going to let a rich politician push me around."

The candidate argues that a lot of politicians "overlook the working person, whether it's union or non-union."

The biggest problems facing the second ward, he says, is the closing of parks and the condition of roads. He also would like to work on improving relationships between the council and the mayor's office, no matter who wins this year's mayoral election.

He concludes that voters have expressed displeasure over incumbent Tina Houghton's performance, saying he "would give the regular working families a better voice on city council."