Police Asked To Look For Possible Medical Marijuana Bribes

Jul 27, 2018

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has asked the state police to look into whether any state officials are on the take related to the state's medical marijuana market.

Snyder's spokeswoman Anna Heaton told the Detroit Free Press the governor asked the state police to open an investigation. It comes after state Democratic Sen.

David Knezek of Dearborn Heights raised the issue in a letter to the Republican governor about a Detroit-area bribery case.

Three family members Mike Baydoun, Ali Baydoun and Jalal Baydoun pleaded guilty to federal charges for a scheme to pay bribes to allow a medical marijuana dispensary. The case involved officials in Garden City, who notified federal investigators when they were approached in 2016.

The government says the Baydouns delivered $15,000, and that Mike Baydoun pledged to set aside $150,000 for future bribes.