Police Clarify False Report of School Shooter in Fowlerville

Nov 9, 2017

Police in Fowlerville are confirming that a report of a possible shooter at the high school on Thursday is false. 


Fowlerville School Resource Office Sgt. Jeffrey Soli says a teacher overheard a discussion between two students about a third student.


“The one boy said to the other boy, ‘that’s the kind of kid that would shoot people.’  The teacher overheard that and it got passed on to the principal,” Soli said.


Soli says the rumor turned into text messages between some of the students and their parents until it reached a father who called 911.


“I don’t hold the father responsible for calling 911 because he was worried about his kids,” said Soli.  “He did not have the right information.  So, I don’t know how we could improve on the way that it happened; it’s just kind of rumor control, I guess.”


Fowlerville High School was not put into lockdown.  The district later issued an email to parents explaining the situation.