Political Campaigns Got Your Media Buy Down?

Sep 15, 2014

The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping, and the local cafes smell of pumpkin spice. Yes, my friends, we have entered fall.

Another thing that happens in the fall is elections. All of those signs littering lawns across America, along with politicians bashing each another can be very tiresome while watching or listening to your favorite shows. And if you're a business owner or media buyer trying to get a jump start on holiday promotions, good luck getting a TV spot on a major network or favorite cable station or during radio drive times.

But wait, WKAR TV & Radio does NOT accept political sponsorships! Nor do any of our sister public media stations across the  country.  Call me today to get your tax-deductible TV and/or Radio sponsorship started and take advantage of our unique spin on marketing your business.

Philanthropy + Marketing = Corporate Support Results

Contact Melissa Nay at Mnay@wkar.org or 517-884-4761