Political parody presented by Capitol Steps in Flint, Lansing

Sep 28, 2016

They’ve been a staple on PBS for years, and this weekend the politically-skewering satire group The Capitol Steps will be at The Whiting Theater in Flint. Hear from the man who co-authored this year’s comedy revue.

For 35 years on the stage and on PBS, the Capitol Steps comedy troupe has been skewering contemporary politics with skits and song parodies. With 2016 being an election year, there has been plenty for the group to make fun of.

Current State’s Jamie Paisley spoke with Mark Eaton, co-author of this year’s Capitol Steps, ahead of two mid-Michigan appearances this weekend. They'll be at the Whiting in Flint on Sunday, October 2nd, and will perform at a Lansing Symphony benefit performance on Monday October 3rd.