Pop-Up Stories: Change of Heart

Feb 29, 2016

Join us for another Pop-Up Stories at the MICA gallery on Thursday, March 3rd at 6pm for stories about having a "change of heart." 


Pop-Up Stories will be at the MICA gallery in Old Town on Thursday, March 3rd at 6pm.
Credit Katie Wittenauer / Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at MSU

We can all be a little stuck in our ways sometimes. 

So, it can  be pretty memorable when something manages to change our mind. 

Maybe you went on an adventure that totally changed your worldview. 

Or you met someone who convinced you to reconsider what you thought you believed. 

If so, we want to hear about it! 

Come share your story about having a "change of heart" at the first Pop-Up Stories of the year! Prepare a five-minute story about a time your life made a U-turn or you were convinced to switch sides on an issue. 

We'll be at the MICA gallery in Lansing's Old Town on Thursday, March 3rd from 6:00-7:30 pm. 

If you're interested in telling your own story, email producer April Van Buren at avanburen@wkar.org or call 517-884-4791. 

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Pop-Up Stories is a collaboration between WKAR's Current State, the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, and community partners.