Pop-Up Story: ‘Bad Cop, Worse Cop’

Apr 20, 2016

We have another story from our most recent Pop-Up Stories event, this time from Chuck Upshaw.

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We can probably all remember a moment where our life totally changed direction. Maybe it was something big like a marriage or a divorce, or something as small as a book or a song, that changed the way you thought about the world.

Chuck Upshaw told us about an experience that shaped his life at our Pop-Up Stories event at the Broad Art Museum in March. Here he is with the story of his “lucky break.”

We’ve got another Pop-Up Stories coming up soon.  Join us at (SCENE) Metrospace on Thursday, April 21 for stories on the theme of “Fools Rush In.” If you want to tell your own story, email us at currentstate@wkar.org. You can also stay up to date on all our upcoming events by liking our Facebook page at Pop Up Stories Lansing.