Prominent local Muslims weigh in on perceptions of Islam

Oct 9, 2015

Current State speaks with Islamic Center of East Lansing board member Dr. Farhan Bhatti and Dr. Farha Abbasi, a psychiatrist at MSU, about the misunderstandings surrounding Islam today.

Islam's holy book, the Quran
Credit / Flickr Creative Commons

Our constitution states that there can be no religious test for public office, but presidential candidate Ben Carson said in a recent interview that a Muslim should not be president.

At a rally New Hampshire last month, a Donald Trump supporter said, “we have a problem in this country and it’s called Muslims,” and then asked, “when can we get rid of them?” Trump responded by saying “we're going to be looking at that.”

For a country that prides itself on its freedoms, America seems to be struggling with the freedom of religion, when that religion is Islam.

Current State talks about Islam and its perception in America with MSU psychiatrist Dr. Farha Abbasi and  Dr. Farhan Bhatti, a physician who serves on the board at the Islamic Center of East Lansing.