Promise-Zone Bills Headed To The Governor’s Desk

Oct 18, 2017

Some high school graduates in Michigan might get to go to college for free. A bill that’s on its way to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk would create new “Promise Zones” in the state. Michigan Public Radio’s Cheyna Roth has more.

Five new promise zones would be added to the ten zones the state already has. Promise Zones are communities that pay for high school graduates to go to college or university.

The community covers the tuition for the first two years. After that it gets some help in the form of a portion of the state’s education property tax.          

Flint is one area that would apply to become a Promise Zone if the bill is passed. Flint Senator Jim Ananich is a bill sponsor.

“I think Flint in particular needs it because we just need some hope.” Says Ananich

Ananich says the Promise Zone designation has been shown to boost a city’s economy and graduation rate.