Prop 1 foe: look for MI road dollars elsewhere

May 1, 2015

Paul Mitchell is leading the fight to defeat Proposal 1 next Tuesday.
Credit Scott Pohl/WKAR

In four days, Michigan voters will decide whether or not to increase the state sales tax by one cent on the dollar. Proposal 1 would raise just over $1.2-billion which would, in a couple of years, be spent on road and bridge improvements. But the measure also earmarks about $800-million for areas including education, municipalities and help for some low income Michigan residents.

Many Prop 1 opponents feel the measure includes too much spending in areas besides infrastructure. Paul Mitchell is a business owner from Saginaw County who also serves as Chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Michigan who also has served as the finance chairman of the Michigan Republican party. His organization, Say No to Higher Taxes, calls the measure “a special interest, back room deal-making hodge-podge.”

Current State talks with Paul Mitchell about Proposal 1 on the ballot next Tuesday.